Creative Coaching: Teaching coaches to be Creative and Innovative.
Creative Coaching: Teaching coaches to be Creative and Innovative.


Write down your own list of the top ten skills of quality coaching. What does it look like? Something like this?

  1. Communication skills;
  2. Passion;
  3. Empathy with athletes;
  4. The ability to engage with athletes and inspire athletes to fully engage with the program;
  5. Enthusiasm;
  6. Technical knowledge;
  7. An understanding of the relevant principles of sports science and sports medicine;
  8. Energy;
  9. Curiosity (which inspires a passion for learning);
  10. A commitment to continuous improvement and accelerated learning.

You could add hundreds of skills to this list: experience, drive, initiative, the will to win, attention to detail, commitment, vision, determination, a strong work ethic…………there are as many desirable coaching skills as there are coaches.

But, in this century, there is one coaching skill to rule them all – creativity: creative coaching.

The question is…...can you teach coaches to be creative?

Coaching = Engagement.
Coaching = Engagement.







We have all done it.

We have all been involved in debates, discussions and deliberations about what coaching is.

Some people say it is about teaching and learning skills. Others say it’s about sports science and applying a scientific method approach to planning and periodisation. Others say it’s about communication and caring. Still others believe coaching is about emotions like passion or it’s about values like commitment, honesty, integrity, humility, courage and discipline.

To add to the confusion, you get the coaching “zealots” who are promoting one type of coaching philosophy over another (in an effort to create a commercial success from their theories about coaching) who are convinced coaching is about the ABC Technique of Coaching or Homer Simpson’s Guide to Effective Coaching or some whiz bang made up word like Coaching Readiness for Accelerated Performance (I hope you spotted the acronym)!

Coaching is about one thing above all others…engagement.