Sports Coaching Brain Coach’s Peak Performance Profile

Sports Coaching Brain Coach’s Peak Performance Profile


In response to the many requests for helping coaches with training, education and development, the Sports Coaching Brain has developed the Sports Coaching Brain Coach’s Peak Performance Profile.

The Profile is for all coaches at all levels and assesses every aspect of your coaching including:

  • Leadership;
  • Coaching Philosophy;
  • Core Coaching Skills;
  • Coaching Environment;
  • Management Skills;
  • Political Skills;
  • Sports Science Knowledge;
  • Financial Management Skills;
  • Your Long Terms Coaching Future.

What’s special about the Sports Coaching Brain Coach’s Peak Performance Profile?

It’s personal. Every completed Profile is analysed in detail and each report is unique, individualised and tailored for you and your coaching. Every coach is unique: every Profile is unique.

It’s convenient. No need to go to a coaching course or spend hours in a coach training, education and development program. You get the specific knowledge, information and ideas you need to improve your coaching quickly, effectively and efficiently.

It’s confidential. Your responses to the Profile are strictly confidential. Your responses, your details and your IP address are not shared with anyone.

How does it work?

Visit our store and click on the Sports Coaching Brain Coach’s Peak Performance Profile.

You will be sent a link to the Profile.

Work through the Profile thoughtfully and honestly.

Your responses will then be analysed and you will receive an individualised report which will provide you with two invaluable things:

  1. An understanding of where your coaching is now and
  2. A clear path forward to enhance your coaching in the future.

The Sports Coaching Brain Coach’s Peak Performance Profile is a must for every coach serious about their coaching and their performance.

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