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The High Performance Sport Checklist – Part Two of the List of 50 Things you Must be doing to Succeed in High Performance Sport.

Score Key:

0-10: High performance sport is not for you. Maybe try your hand at pavement painting or hole digging or grass mowing or something else which does not require the consistent application of excellence.

11-20: You might dream about being high performance and talk about being high performance, but as for actually understanding it, you have as much chance as you have of walking on the moon.

21-30: You have some of the basics of high performance. You have shown a general understanding of high performance concepts and principles. Now turn your thinking and learning into action.


41-50: You are already there. You are a high performance thinker and doer! Which means, you understand more than anyone that success is a moving target and being at the top only means you have to work harder than anyone at staying there.

So, what did you score?

Wayne Goldsmith


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