High Performance Teams – do you have what it takes to be the best?

High Performance Teams – do you have what it takes to be the best?

So you think you have a high performance team?

So you believe your team is the best of the best in your industry?

So you feel that your team is capable of creating a consistently competitive high performance environment?

Try the High Performance Teams quiz…..if you dare.

Lots of people talk about creating teams.

Just as many talk about creating high performance teams.

Yet, few really understand what high performance actually is, where it is, how to find it, who owns it and how to keep it.

The best teams in the world – those who genuinely understand creating and sustaining a high performance environment – are those who consistently demonstrate an uncompromising commitment to continuous improvement, excellence and the enthusiastic pursuit of creativity, innovation and accelerated learning.

They see success not as a final, one off destination, but as an inevitable result of their passion, drive, determination, innovation and selfless devotion to team performance. They “live excellence” – they live in high performance environments where honesty, passion, creativity and energy are the currency and being better than anyone in their respective role in their industry is the mantra.

Still think your team is a high performance team? Still think your team has what it takes to be the best?

Take the “businesscoachingbrain’s” High Performance Team quiz…..five minutes that will change the way you think about high performance teams.

Answer Yes or No to the following questions:

Question 1: Does everyone in your team consistently out-perform everyone else in their respective roles in your competition?

Question 2: Does everyone in your team strive to learn faster and apply new ideas more effectively than your competition?

Question 3: Does everyone in your team pursue individual and collective excellence with passion, enthusiasm, determination and drive?

Question 4: Does everyone in your team crave professional development and opportunities to learn, grow and improve?

Question 5: Does everyone in your team thirst for innovation, creativity, new ideas and discovering new and better ways of doing what they do?

Question 6: Is everyone in your team as passionate about the success of the team as they are about achieving their own personal success?

Question 7: Does everyone in your team encourage and energise their team mates?

Question 8: Does everyone in your team embrace total, uncompromising honesty about their individual and collective performance?

Question 9: Does everyone in your team not only accept but enthusiastically seek feedback, input and advice from their peers?

Question 10: Does everyone in your team strive to understand the needs, motivations and passions of their team mates and respond to them?

Question 11: Does everyone in your team strive to be unique, to be different, to take risks and to be themselves – yet respect the uniqueness of their team mates?

Question 12: Does everyone in your team reject the concept of TTWWDIH – “that’s the way we do it here” and are they all committed to continuous improvement?

Question 13: Does everyone in your team embrace hard work and dedication to achieving their individual and team goals?

Question 14: Does everyone in your team take time to get to know and understand their team mates and what motivates them to perform to their full potential?

Question 15: Has everyone in your team taken time to discover their own passions, their own motivations and their own unique gifts and what environment they need to create to consistently perform to their full potential?

Question 16: Is your high performance environment strong enough and robust enough to stay strong and continue to improve in times of change?

Question 17: Does everyone in your team inspire those around them and those in other teams, your clients and the public by demonstrating excellence, energy and enthusiasm in all that they do?

Question 18: Does your team work collaboratively and solve problems as an integrated, open minded, non-egotistical group of professionals focused on enhancing their performance?

Question 19: Does everyone in your team work hard on their physical and mental health and their personal and family relationships to ensure they have balance and happiness outside of work?

Question 20: Does everyone in your team “own” the culture of the team, have they bought into it with their complete energy and potential and are they working to grow and enhance the team’s high performance culture?

So – how did you do?

Answer key:

Score one point for each Yes answer and zero points for each No response.

Score less than 5: High Performance? Forget it. You should start looking for a nice, warm, tropical island somewhere and retire to it.

Score 6-10: You have the makings of a High Performance team but at the moment you still would prefer coffee to commitment, holidays to hard work, hot lunches to honesty and popularity to performance.

Score 11-15: You are on the way to becoming a High Performance team. You have the potential – you have the knowledge – you have the desire – now all it takes is the consistent commitment to excellence.

Score 16-20: What are you wasting time reading this article for? You are already driving a High Performance team – please send me the details of your own blog so I can read how you do it!

Wayne Goldsmith

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