Sport Parenting – The Performance Partnership

Sport Parenting – The Performance Partnership

Sport Parenting – The Performance Partnership.

At some time in the life of every parent – they’ll be a sporting parent.

It could as a soccer mum or dad.

They might find themselves a swimming parent and spend hours and hours of watching their child swim up and down a pool in the early hours of the morning.

They could even be a tennis parent and have to drive their kids all over the city, state and nation to competitions and tournaments.

No matter what sport your child is passionate about, the fundamental “job” of every parent is to love and support their children and provide them with the opportunity to realise their potential – whatever that may be.

This is a presentation I did in New Zealand recently all about sport parenting and how parents can partner with their child and their child’s coach to help their child be the best they can be.

Athletes, coaches and parents can, by working together as partners, help athletes to achieve their full performance potential in their chosen sport and in other areas of their lives.

The success of this “Performance Partnership” is dependent on all three partners knowing, understanding and accepting their roles and responsibilities and respecting the clear lines and boundaries that exist between them.

If all three “partners” remain focused on the potential of the athlete as the priority, the sports experience is enhanced for everyone and success for the athlete is inevitable.

Wayne Goldsmith


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