Coaching Greatness

Coaching Greatness

The World of Coaching Information is in your hands…what are you doing with it?

Coaching Greatness.

Most coaches I meet all over the world will ask me about Coaching Greatness – i.e. how can they improve their coaching and become the best coach they can be.

Let’s start by considering how not to improve your coaching…what are the things that do not lead to coaching greatness.

Coaching Greatness is NOT about knowledge – because that little electronic device you constantly hold in your hand means that every coach has access to the same knowledge that you do.

Coaching Greatness is NOT about experience – we all know the old saying “some coaches who’ve been coaching for 20 years do not have 20 years of experience – they have one year of experience 20 times over”. 

Coaching Greatness is NOT about money – I see outstanding coaches all over the world who consistently deliver great results without needing world class sporting facilities, access to sports science or state of the art gymnasiums.

So how do you achieve Coaching Greatness?

Coaching Greatness is about creativity. It’s about daring to be different. It’s about taking the lead in thinking, talking and doing things that no other coach can do or is prepared to do.

It’s about working with your athletes – not telling and yelling – but genuinely engaging with your athletes and inspiring change through the art of emotional connection which is what all coaching is really about.

Coaching Greatness is about commitment.

It’s about adopting an “it takes what it takes” approach – doing whatever it takes – ethically and with strong sense of personal responsibility – to help athletes realise their full potential as athletes and as human beings.

It’s about creating an environment that gives every athlete you work with the opportunity to realise their potential and to achieve their dreams irrespective of their talent, their motivation and their capacity to succeed.

And most of all Coaching Greatness is about you. It’s about you deciding clearly and deliberately that becoming a great coach is what you want to do.

It All Starts With A Dream…A Dream that Becomes A Vision.

As it is with everything in life – it all starts with you – and you having a dream to be the best you can be.

Then it’s about you seeing and feeling and believing in that dream with such clarity, such purpose and such uncompromising commitment that in your mind it’s as if it’s already happened.

Many coaches tell me they’d like to work with outstanding athletes.

Many coaches talk about helping their athletes to be successful.

Coaching Greatness in others means first Coaching Greatness in yourself.

It doesn’t matter what your definition of Greatness is.

For some coaches, greatness will be coaching an athlete to an Olympic Gold medal.

To others, greatness is coaching the school under 13 basketball team to make the semi-finals for the first time in 10 years.

And for other coaches, greatness is measured by the smiles and the joy on the faces of young athletes mastering a basic skill for the first time.

Regardless of how you define it – greatness is a direct reflection of you and your coaching and if it’s something you crave – search for the greatness in you – then inspire it in others.


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