Mission Statement Madness: Make it your Mission Statement to Change Mission Statements.

Mission Statement Madness: Make it your Mission Statement to Change Mission Statements.


Mission Statements?

Make it your Mission Statement to Change Mission Statements!

Mission Statements are like DVD Players:

Mission statements are like DVD players: everyone’s got one but no one knows how to use them properly or to their full potential.

Mission statements by themselves do not work, do not change anything, do not enhance performance, do not increase profits, do not produce better leaders, do not provide strategic direction – by themselves, mission statements do none of things people believe they do.

The Mission Statement is only one of a set of ten techniques which can enhance the performance of the organisation and everyone in it. And, just taking one step in any journey does not get you to the destination.

It’s like deciding to go to Hawaii for a holiday, booking the flights, paying for the accommodation but then staying in the departure terminal in your home town for two weeks. Once you have committed to creating a new Mission Statement, you have also committed to the process of turning the ‘Statement into Success.

The Ten Techniques:

Technique one – Mission statement. Get it? Got it? Good…now the real work can begin;

Technique two – Everyone in the organisation understands what the Mission Statement is, what it means and how it can help them as individuals enhance their personal performance;

Technique three – Everyone in the organisation feeling like they own the Mission Statement and believe in it;

Technique four – Everyone understanding how to take the content and context of the Mission Statement and apply it to enhancing their performance in all they do every day;

Technique five – Consistent, open, honest, regular, direct evaluation, assessment and feedback of how the changes to behaviour, thinking, attitudes and values that were inspired by the new Mission Statement are measurably impacting on performance (and profit);

Technique six – Everyone in the organisation openly embracing and welcoming accelerated learning and change as a way of life in your organisation’s culture and in their own lives:

Technique seven – Everyone in the organisation having the confidence to try new things, introduce new ideas and take intelligent risks without fear of reprimand or negative consequences;

Technique eight – Everyone in the organisation consistently striving to be the best they can be as individuals – to be the best of anyone in their field in your industry;

Technique nine:Everyone in the organisation knowing the overall strategic direction of your business, where you are going and are passionately committed to getting there in the shortest possible time;

Technique ten: Everyone in the organisation, willing and committed to reviewing, revising and re-energising the Mission Statement regularly as they themselves and the organisation change, evolve, learn and grow.

Turning the “Ten” into Tangible Targets:

If you need something to inspire a sense of real commitment, real change and real energy in your organisation, then sure, go through the process of designing, developing and implementing a Mission Statement.

But be prepared for what it really means to live excellence and accelerate change in your organisation: your Mission Statement is your public Statement that your Mission is to be the best you can be – the best in your industry.

Ideas without actions are just thoughts.

Innovations without measurable improvement to performance are just window dressing.

Change without demonstrable impact on the passion and attitudes of people which then reflects on their performance is wasted effort.

Mission Statements without a total commitment to implement them into the daily lives of everyone in the organisation are a waste of time, money and energy.

Let your new Mission Statement be the catalyst for creative change, enhanced performance and unprecedented organisational success and not just the words on nice, new sign in your office reception area.

Your Mission Statement must be the cornerstone of creating a high performance environment and a sustainable winning culture in your business.

Wayne Goldsmith

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